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Do Men Really Attract Younger Women? Find Out Why

Dating Statistics have revealed that the numbers of married men and divorced women has increased over the years. The main reason for this trend is the changing definition of relationships. Many people now associate marriage with love and togetherness while in the past, it was just a societal notion. However, today married couples undergo a lot of stress due to work pressures and finances, which cause them to lose their interest in each other and consequently their relationship. This is why it is important to learn about dating statistics in order to make your relationship exciting and end up being a success.

As already mentioned above, women have more options when it comes to finding a partner. This is why they are more likely to look at online dating sites than any other way. As the popularity of such sites increases, many dating websites have been launched to help women in meeting their desired partners. However, many of these dating websites only make use of information garnered from surveys and interviews. To ensure that the users are not misinformed by the website, the below mentioned dating statistics should be taken into consideration.

Out of the various dating statistics released by the statistics experts, it has been found out that women are generally happier on a date. When asked, “How happy were you on your first date? “, the responses that women give range from “very happy” to “not very happy”.

Intimate partner violence, or dating abuse statistics show that young females are the ones who suffer most from such physical attacks. This may seem surprising to some, as women usually like to believe that they are in a committed relationship. This is why the above-mentioned survey has revealed that 60% of the women say that they have been the victim of intimate partner violence at some point in their lives. In fact, the rate of such violence has been steadily increasing over the past few years. This means that women are now more scared of having an affair.

Another interesting finding by the Pew Research Center for the Family, Marriage and Relations was that married couples with high school diploma have a higher rate of divorce. Divorce is a big issue these days especially for women. The main reason why they want to split up from their husbands is because they are not happy anymore. They want to be free to date and pursue their own passions. Hence, it is no wonder that marrying couples have high rates of divorce.

Married women preferred chatting online than any other mode of communication. The online dating statistics clearly show that married women prefer chat rooms than any other mode of communication. They prefer chatting online than any other activity. They even preferred chatting online than having a conversation with their in-laws! The reasons are obvious – chatting online is more fun than having a discussion with them.

The age group of participants of online dating statistics are also impressive. It was found that men and women find love even with people as old as 80 years. The survey also shows that men and women find love in their 30’s, but they do prefer to wait for a little bit longer. Women usually seek love in their late twenties and early thirties.

The online dating statistics clearly show that men are attracted to women who send them daily emails. Men prefer dating women who send them daily emails and keep in touch with them on a regular basis. They also found it easy to talk to women who send them daily emails. These are some of the findings from the survey conducted by experts.

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