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I weigh 120 lbs, am 5 foot 6 inch tall, I have brown hair and black eyes. I’ll email ya a picture of me for one of ya. I am in search of a no strings booty call with a good looking man. Send free dating a note and a photo to stephaniey303 at “y who” and we’ll

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Hey its Tiana I would love to have a hot time tonight, I stand at 5 ‘ 7, weigh 156lbs I am caramel complexion brown eyes wear a C38 with a nice round ass. I am very open minded looking to have a adult encounter with someone who can top free online dating services me with my tu

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I really wanna ride a tongue tonight. In a car. (No recip.)**Must be discreet/have car. Must not mind pubic hair. ** new and free dating site

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I want to get down and dirty with a gentlemen. No boys! I am clean. And sexy, let’s hook up. free dating

As for getting laid, that’s not an issue. I’ve been with the same girlfriend for several years, a local from one of my current countries of residence.

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looking for a driver to drive me to las vegas…. need to leave soon.can pay for gas or we can trade……………….terri extramarital dating totally free nj

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K…I would really love to meet a new friend to hang out with who truely is mature enough to be friends first, who is mature enough to know that not everyone is suited for everyone and you can still be a great person even if not everyone likes you. I am not going to be sleeping with anyone tonight….I would just like to go out on a meeting or date….whatever you want to call it. This is my weekend without my daughter so I would like to go out and enjoy it….perferably with someone. If you too could use some fun, conversation, smiles and relaxation please read on. Plz be SINGLE…I am not into ‘discrete’ anything….if you need to hide something…I am not the right person….if you are looking for sex…I am not the right person….If you just want to date an ‘older’ woman…I am NOT the right person….if you smoke…again…I am not the right person….if you could use a fun, relaxed, smiled filled evening….plz read on…I might be the right person….Honesty….I am old and smart enough to know that I am not interested in a fake relationships….I want the real deal…someone to tell my deepest secrets too…and know that they will always be there to support me through it….as long as I am honest. I mean really….don’t you want to die knowing that you shared your most intimate thoughts, deeds, and secrets with someone who really cared….AND that you got the same ‘got your back coverage’ in return.I don’t fight dirty…..I am mature enough to know I have faults and weak spots and sometime the best thing is to have the truth told to you so you can deal with it….so when we have an issue or misunderstanding…it will always be in the present….I have a past, you have tamil nude sex free dating side past, and that is how we got to who we are today….even when it could be our past together….I will never bring it up once we close an issue.A good morning and good night kiss… you know that that improves your chances of staying together by 21% over couples that just hug goodnight and goodmorning? I am full of PDA and proud of it.I am a mom….so yes…it’s a package deal. I have been divorced for 6 yrs….happily divorced…my ex is still my best male friend and we co parent fabulously….you will meet him as we do not have jealousy issues…..we have a love for our daughter that overcomes any issues we ever had…divorced without lawyers and still make deals with a handshake….he is a good male and a fabulous dad.You will get to be yourself….no matter how quirky that is…..either I will love those quirks and embrace them…..or we will find out we are meant to be friends or meant to meet, great and move on right away…..but I will not tell you I am interested in you if I am not….and I WANT, yes WANT you to do the same for me. If I am not your type….no problem….I am not going to fall apart because one person I met didn’t get me….and you should be the same….my opinion of you shouldn’t mean crap to you unless we are a couple……for a first meeting….geez….use me to learn what I find good or bad about you and get some honest feed back.Now….all that sounds so serious…which is so not me….as the number one thing I do best is giggle…right down to outright snorts, and shooting drinks through my nose….a good belly laugh is better than any therapy…and a heck of a lot cheaper.You will have access to know about my past….some of it is great…some …not so much….I guarantee you I am smart enough to understand you….but having a decent IQ doesn’t always mean I make good decisions…..BUT….I am always improving on this one….so when you ask me a question….be aware I will be honest with you so don’t ask what you don’t want to really know.Confidence….I am good with who I am today…I will be good with who I am tomorrow……I have some days that are better than others …but all in all…I like me and wouldn’t want to be anyone else…..You will get a 5’9′ tall gal….who is comfortable with her weight…..but trying to lose just because I perfer to be smaller…..if you need a barbie doll or size 0 model….uh….Toys R Us is probably open……for now I could happily drop 25-30 lbs and feel a heck of a lot better…..and I am working on it.You will get a partner who will try just about anything……I am the gal who kisses for charity on Valentine’s Day on the corner of Steven Creek and Winchester because no one should feel lonely or be without a kiss on certain days of the year. You will get someone who will join you on any adventure that has a 5% or less chance of death or less …so if you can get us on fear factor….I will do my best to win with you. Amazing Race, anything…I am good to go…hate to pass up an opportunity and try to live without regretting not pushing through my fears to try things.OK…enough is enough…here is a recent photo….I will only respond to emails that attach a picture…be proud of who you are….I don’t want a Ken doll…I want a man I find pretty and one that find me attractive.OK…here is the photo….I know you scanned down here first… you may not either scan back up and read this….or just click me bye bye.I am on face book and my space under zimmertracey and Tracey Jane Zimmer

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cute attractive unique and creative beauty! artisticly inclined.. a girl with sunstance. need to relieve some of that tension and stress growing form the hollidays?!!! come relax! message for free dating pics get first reply!