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Party ended but I’m still going! How’s this work? Is 12:30 too late to post? Anyone else awake on the westside? I need some rough TLC Me – 36 sane fun free dating discreet. 5’8 athlete and good looking. You – 35-50 sane safe clean fun good looking 5’11

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We got blocked the first time. We dont really know why. We tried to make a few changes to maybe keep us from being blocked. We did not see why it was, we ried to be very careful. Anyways, we hope this time it gets some reasonable airtime. Besides, this is what we are all trying to do, make life more exciting. Life is too short to not take advantage of all the time we have. Right? First I would like to say what we are not: 1) Pic collectors. 2) Promoters trying to get you to sign up for a weird website. 3) Fake or crazy! 4) No games!!! What we are: 1) A young couple looking to have some safe possibly regular fun. 2) Looking for something soon, but in enouph time to be able to protect our safety. The story… We are a 33 yr old couple in good shape attempting to do something that both of us have never done. I put this in the mw4w location so that we would not be deleted. But in all truth phone chat dating free trial can even be open to bisexual women, or lesbian women. You may ask why… Well because this really is for her, not him…. She will play, and he will watch. At this time, she does not want him to play only to watch. In actuality, this is a scary world and there are alot of crazy people out there, so he will also be there for safety. If you are not willing to have him there in the room, but not involved, I guess we wil not be exaclty what you are looking for, sorry. Not that we think about it, I guess for those of you couples (mw4mw) that are out there. If you are the women of the relationship and would like to try something on your own, this may be for you. We would start it like we want it, and if we have a great time, then have both couples involved… But still to watch the women play ;). The plan… We are thinking of gathering all the canidates, pictures, bios, etc… and picking the top 3-5. We would like to voice verify them and talk a little. Then we will pick the one we want! (We hope it’s YOU) After that we would like him to take the two ladies out for some food, drink, maybe dance… Then if all goes well, back to a nice hotel room that will already be pre-arranged. Maybe have some more drinks and see where it goes. We are really easy going people, so it will all work out great! We will reply to you with actual pics of us. We dont want our pictures hanging out in the great expanse that is the Web. Requirements: 1) Be a women, only women 2) Under 55 3) Be in shape. Still, if you have a little meat on you… please reply. 4) Have nice size breast. We are not asking for anything huge, nor are we saying that is you are on the small side you will not be considered. She just wants something to grab onto. 5) No red heads, sorry… 6) Be clean! VERY IMPORTANT! 7) Send a couple pics… At least one face, and one body… Honestly, let us see what you body looks like.. She want to see what we are getting. NO PIC, NO REPLY! 8) Be willing to voice verify… 9) Location is not important, we can travel. Well, WOW, thats all…. LOL…. I know alot of information. We hope you read it all! Talk to you soon…

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I really fail to understand how many men dont understand that, IMO, it is not a complement when some random guy who is looking to get laid, starts hitting on me, it has nothing to do with how desireable I am, it is more about some stranger playing the odds with as many women as possible, hoping to get his rocks off.